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Packages that use LispPackage

Uses of LispPackage in org.jatha

Fields in org.jatha declared as LispPackage
private  LispPackage Jatha.f_keywordPackage
private  LispPackage Jatha.f_systemPackage
 LispPackage Jatha.PACKAGE
          PACKAGE is a pointer to the current package (*package*).

Methods in org.jatha that return LispPackage
 LispPackage Jatha.defpackage(LispValue args)
          This is not yet implemented.

Uses of LispPackage in org.jatha.compile

Methods in org.jatha.compile with parameters of type LispPackage
 void LispCompiler.Register(LispPrimitive primitive, LispPackage pkg)
          Use this function to register any new LISP primitives that you create from Java code.

Uses of LispPackage in org.jatha.dynatype

Classes in org.jatha.dynatype that implement LispPackage
 class StandardLispPackage
          An implementation of ANSI Common LISP packages, including defpackage, export, import, etc.

Fields in org.jatha.dynatype declared as LispPackage
protected  LispPackage StandardLispSymbol.f_package

Methods in org.jatha.dynatype with parameters of type LispPackage
 void StandardLispValue.setPackage(LispPackage newPackage)
 void StandardLispSymbol.setPackage(LispPackage newPackage)
 void StandardLispNIL.setPackage(LispPackage newPackage)
 void LispValue.setPackage(LispPackage newPackage)

Uses of LispPackage in org.jatha.eval

Methods in org.jatha.eval with parameters of type LispPackage
 LispValue LispEvaluator.intern(LispString symbolString, LispPackage pkg)
 LispValue LispEvaluator.intern(LispString symbolString, LispValue symbol, LispPackage pkg)
 LispValue LispEvaluator.intern(String str, LispPackage pkg)

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